Axegressor thrash squad

Aki Paulamäki - Bass, Backing Vocals
Atte Mäkelä - Drums
Seba Forma - Guitars
Johnny Nuclear Winter - Vocals


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Axegressor was formed in 2006 simply to play thrash metal, a music style all members have been listening to since their early teens. Although the music is still emphasized in heavy and thrash metal, there's nowadays a new progressive approach to riffs and arrangements to give the songs more variety.

Axecution MCD was their first self-financed release, out on September 5th 2007. Sold out in 1000 copies by now. In June 2009 their debut album, entitled Command, was released via Dethrone Music as well as the second album 'Next' in July 2011. In 2014 Axegressor teamed up with French traditional metal label Listenable Records and released their third album 'Last' on June 10th. The 4th album 'Bannerless' will be releasesed April 13th 2018 by Brutal Records, New Orleans.

So far Axegressor has supported a variety of foreign bands in Finland such as Zemial (Gre), Adorior (Uk), Dark Tranquillity (Swe), Legion of the Damned (Hol), Toxic Holocaust (Usa), Entombed A.D. (Swe), Grave (Swe), Cannabis Corpse (Usa), Onslaught (UK), Soilwork (Swe) and Municipal Waste (Usa). Axegressor has also been spreading it's musical message outside Finland by visiting Estonia, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia and Norway.

Festival appearances so far:

Inferno festival (March 2008)
Nummirock midsummer festival (June 2008)
Lutakko Liekeissä festival (August 2009)
Hammer Open Air (June 2010)
Hard Rock Laager (July 2011)
Tuska Open Air (July 2011)
Finnish Metal Expo (February 2012)
Jalometalli festival (August 2012)
Steelfest (May 2015)


Axecution MCD 2007

1. Attack!
2. Sister Whore
3. Luoti Päähän
4. Spell of Suffering
5. Thrash All Night


Command CD 2009
(Dethrone Music)
Command LP 2010 (Doomentia Records)

1. Introcrusher / Born of Pain, Bred with Fear
2. Damage-Inked
3. Barricade Command
4. Psalm Before the Storm
5. Not    03:33
6. Strangled by Life
7. Iron Will Executor
8. Holy Terror
9. Servants
10. Axegressor



Next CD 2011
(Dethrone Music)

1. The Only Reward
2. Star Inverted
3. Justified Distrust
4. Ironcrossfire
5. SS-18 "Satan"
6. Consume The Vicious Circle
7. Apocalyptician
8. You
9. Black & White Death Race

Last CD 2014
(Listenable Records)

1. Freedom Illusion
2. Lead Justice
3. Mind Castration
4. Merciless Reality Check
5. 15
6. Social Pressure
7. A Fistful Of Ignorance
8. Command To Last
9. Determinator

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